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Is it the Time to Replace Garage Door Rollers?

We are sure you have heard of the word roller at least once when it comes to garage doors.

They are the ones that help in operating a garage door quietly. When it comes to choosing a good roller, the type of door the roller needs to support, the weather it has to endure and many other things are to be considered. Rollers are found in two different types, the one with the ball bearing and the other without a ball bearing. While the roller with the ball bearing is said to last long given its composition of steel, it won’t be as quiet as a nylon roller. Plastic rollers are a good alternative to steel or nylon but deteriorate more quickly than the other two.

The final thought while determining what type of garage door roller to purchase must be planned either by oneself or by an expert. If choosing the right material or size is a little confusing, we recommend contacting our expert and get the best roller installed for your door.

When to go for garage door roller replacement? check of the following items:

  • Too much vibration when operating
  • Frequent wrong alignment of the door
  • Excessive noise
  • Less lubrication and maintenance

If your garage door roller is in need of repairs, it is unwise to wait. Call us at  Garage Door Repairs Houston and let us know your query regarding rollers or any other repair needs for your garage door.

With our team, your job will be done right. To know more about us or our services, contact us now!

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Have you ever got late for work because your rollers got jammed and you couldn’t open the door? Rollers help in moving the door and run along the side tracks of the garage door. Collection of debris, rust could be the reasons alongside others that make rollers stop working. Garage Door Repairs understands how valuable your time is and makes sure you don’t happen to have a dull day. Our talented technical team assesses the problem to the core and post detailed diagnosis, they perform the garage roller door repairs.

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