Breakdown Of The Garage Door? Tips That Help To Fix Your Garage Door!

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A garage door is perhaps that part of your home that faces utmost wear and tear. It is unnoticeable to us how many times it goes up and down in a day. And then suddenly you hear, clunk! The door which was operating smoothly till now is making a loud noise while you are backing out of your driveway. The time has come for a garage door repair!

Garage doors provide convenience, safety, and security when kept in a good condition. But when neglected, not only do they clamor like a locomotive but can be dangerous for your family and kids, too. Here’s the thing with garage doors, they get hampered with time. An unmaintained garage door doesn’t give a warning before a breakdown. While we can’t stop sudden spoilage, we can do something to them to not reach that stage.

Given below are some simple garage door maintenance tips that one can perform with no professional skills. This way, you will be able to analyze the condition of your garage door or can take assistance from a professional garage door repair company if any big issues come upfront.

Precautions to keep in mind

  1. Deactivate the automatic door opener by unplugging it.
  2. Do clamp locking pliers while you’re working on an open door.
  3. When a door spring is under tension, remember to not remove a lift cable. 
  4. Leave the overhead torsion springs if you see any issues there. It’s the job of a professional.

Easy tips to maintain garage doors

  1. Observe the garage door: A glitch is only noticed when you are a keen observer while opening and closing the garage door. If you hear or see something unusual when you open or shut the door, it indicates that the time for repair has come.
  2. A balance check: When the garage door is closed, pull the release handle. Put some manual strength to get the garage door halfway and see if it stays there without support. If it doesn’t, rebalancing is needed.
  3. Constant lubrication of the chains and springs: The parts that move constantly need lubrication at timely intervals. For a garage door, chains, wheels, and springs do this job of moving and therefore, they need to be lubricated constantly. Spend a mere 10 minutes every year to lubricate these parts for their smooth functioning.
  4. Keep the tracks clear: Make sure that no debris is deposited inside the tracks. Either a broom or a rag could be of great help to clear that out.
  5. Fasten the hardware: The movement of the garage door is so frequent that with time the hardware starts to vibrate and gets loose. With a wrench, you can securely fasten all the brackets and bolts.
  6. Have a check on the cables: Frayed or damaged cables can cause severe injuries or even death. Hence, it must not be handled by yourself. Call a professional immediately if you witness frayed cables under high amounts of tension.

The tips stated above don’t need any professional skills yet should not be tried when you have a doubt regarding any hardware part that is risky to deal with. While these tips can solve small wear and tear of your garage door which you can easily do with the materials available at home, there could be some serious trouble coming your way when you witness the tiny issues. 

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We assure your safety!


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