Garage door repair tips to know when to replace or repair your garage door

Garage door repair tips

Your garage door is loaded with a lot of benefits – it seals off your garage space, keeps burglars away, secures your belongings, and keeps the appealing factor of your home always up. We despair when the garage door gets damaged as it would make it inoperable, prone to hazards, or just less appealing. Often we do not understand whether it is the garage door repair that we need to do or the complete replacement which is the need of the hour. This blog discusses when to call a professional garage door repair company to do the repairs and when to call for a complete garage door replacement.

When the door needs to be repaired

Garage door problems seem like major issues. However, many problems when taken into account at the initial stage can be fixed with a garage door expert.

A garage door repair is needed when you encounter the following issues:

  • When the door is weighed down or becomes heavier: This issue comes up when the door is imbalanced. The spring tension gets hampered which makes it difficult for the door to move correctly.
  • The movement of the door becomes very slow: Another issue that needs garage door repair is the slow movement of the door. This happens when there’s a damage in the door track or when the spring loses tension.
  • Crooked doors: Damaged cable will not line up the garage door the way it should be. Assessment of the door should be done before trying to move the door as moving the crooked door can lead to serious damage, misalignment, or a bad looking garage.
  • When the opener doesn’t respond: A dead battery could be the reason for the lack of communication between your garage door and garage door opener.
  • Bent in the track: The troubling noise and vibration in the door is an indication to have a visual check at the track. There could be a bent there which is making it difficult for the garage door to operate.

When the door needs to be replaced

When it comes to garage door replacement, the expense is more substantial. However, not all situations require a complete replacement of the door. 

Garage door replacement situations are:

  • To update home appearance: One of the main reasons why garage doors need a complete replacement is the eyesore cosmetic damage. If it is useless to consider refinishing, call a professional garage door repair company and replace the garage door.
  • To reuse the unsafe door: Either the consistent usage of the garage door warps them or when it is not used at all. An unsafe garage door calls for a replacement.
  • An aged garage door: You don’t even remember when you had installed the garage door and now it is entirely aged because no garage door ages beautifully. This makes you replace the door with new cosmetic features.
  • When there’s extensive structural damage: While many issues, as discussed above, can be solved with a garage door repair, there are heavy structural damages that just turn a blind eye to the repairs. Replacement is the best companion to your door when it appears crumpled or misses a panel.

Let us do your professional garage door evaluation

Notice your garage door and see if there’s any change in its functionality. If you feel any abnormality in the way it works, call Garage Door Repair Houston for your help. Schedule a quick check of your garage door with us and our technicians will let you know what the problem is.


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