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Your life becomes considerably easier and that too on a daily basis with a garage door opener. Wondering, how come? Well, it looks like a small detail, but a garage door opener makes a whole lot of difference. Imagine you are coming home after a long ride and it rains heavily when you reach. You don’t have to get down from the car to open the door all by yourself. A garage door opener would do the job with no complaints. Isn’t it great when there’s no fumbling around? That is why choosing the right garage door opener is paramount. So how to do that?

Drive Types

When it comes to picking the garage door opener contractor, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Drive is one. It is the mechanism to open the door. 

Among a few options, the chain drive is the one that can be considered for heavy and oversized garage doors. However, they do not pretty much fit into the picture as they make a fair amount of noise and get caught up easily.

Screw drives, on the other side, are threaded metal rods that rotate on the spite helping the door to lift. They are a little more high-maintenance than the chain ones and also noisy. Having said that, screw drives are quite faster to operate the garage door and let you in fast.

Here’s why most choose the third option – belt drives. They are rubber belts having a cog. They might not be a good choice for a heavy garage door but they certainly are quieter than the rest.

Access Control

An automatic garage door opener is not just a convenient feature that makes your daily commute easy, it is also very safe. You can say, people who you don’t want to let in your garage door can be kept away with this safety feature.

To perform this task, the garage door openers these days have a remote control that uses IR Blaster, Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, or Radio. We can choose the type of transmitter we want to install in it.

You will see a combination of NFC/Bluetooth combined with a pressure pad in many garage door openers. This detects the position of your car near the garage door and the door opens up automatically. However, this may possibly go wrong for you as the door might open for the wrong car. It’s wise to know how many controls are needed in the remote. Also, there should be a mechanism in which the door can be manually opened in case of damage to the remote.

Some Other Considerations

While the above-mentioned concerns are practical to think about before buying a garage door opener, there are some other considerations too. Is this worth your money? Is there a warranty period? Are the customer reviews good for the overhead garage door opener? How easy is it to be installed? Will you need a professional garage door repair company to install the opener? These points are important to think about. 

Follow these tips when you are installing a new garage door. If you are facing issues with the current one, call Garage Door Repairs Houston now and get it inspected now. Our team of qualified professionals will visit your garage to check the issue and let you know the estimated time of repair. To know more about us, browse




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