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Commercial garage door

Here are the various types of commercial garage doors available at Garage Door Repair to be installed as per the requisites of your business.

Overhead doors

Such doors are lifted through a track or rail until they are horizontally aligned with the ceiling. Operated either manually or with a motor, overhead garage doors are available in different materials ranging from wood to glass to aluminium to metal.

Roll-up doors

They are named such, as they roll up into one coil when lifted up. They are much thinner than the counterpart – overhead, but allow much flexibility. They are chosen in situations when overhead rails have no space to be accommodated or if they are getting in the way.

Fire rated doors

These doors are very much similar to the roll-up doors with one big difference being the protection they offer. The former is more secure than the most common roll-up doors. They are installed with auto-closing feature, which makes the door to be automatically closed in case of fire detection.

Scissor gates

These are uniquely-designed gates with a sliding door-like mechanism moving left to right. Impenetrable steel material is used to give them a sturdy build, which gives ultimate protection. If in your business, you plan to have an outside entry gate, give it a go with a scissor gate garage door.

Features of the design and types of garage doors

For garage doors today, faced with the question of choosing a garage door, the buyer has a large number of questions on the selection – where to buy, what kind of gates are better, and what kinds of gates there are. In the market, there is a huge number of metal products of various types and designs. In order to make the right decision on the purchase, we will give some recommendations on the selection of metal garage doors for commercial purposes in our article.

What to look for when choosing a commercial garage door and what kind of door to choose.

Regardless of where you decide to purchase metal garage doors, online or in a retail store, our company should have all the necessary documents about the compliance of the metal structure with the modern requirements and standards of our state of Texas. It is also necessary to check the availability of the technical passport of the garage door. The manufacturer, which is engaged in professional production, will ensure the presence of the relevant documentation. The metal doors factories with which we work have all the necessary certificates of quality, and you can familiarize yourself with them in consultation with our specialists or at the call of the measurer.
Pay attention to companies that produce metal structures. Only the manufacturer knows how to properly install the product, because each metal structure has a set of certain features, experts will best cope with the installation of garage doors, trust it to professionals.


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