Garage door openers : Do’s and Don’ts for handling garage door openers

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Periodic maintenance of automatic garage door openers is very necessary so that they can be safe and efficient in their operation. Since the garage door is probably one of the heaviest moving pieces around your home, taking care of it through frequent testing and maintenance becomes important. If you are completely unaware of how to do so, we are here to help you! Check out some do’s and don’ts of handling an automatic garage door opener.

  • To begin with, check your springs, rollers, cables, and other hardware to see if there are any wear and tear, frayed or broken parts, etc. For the minor repairs, get on your DIY skills but for the complicated counterparts, call a garage door repair technician and let him handle the scenario. Hardware like springs have high tension hence they should be handled with much care.
  • Repeatedly test the balance of the garage door. To do so, close the door and disconnect the automatic garage door opener so that you can lift the door with hands. If you feel that the door is opening smoothly, with minimum resistance and staying 3-4 feet above the ground when opened, it is balanced. If not, it needs assistance from a professional.
  • To save yourself from serious injuries, keep checking your automatic garage door opener on a timely basis. Don’t be careless in handling the opener like don’t let your children play with it as this could be very dangerous.
  • Walking or staying under a moving garage door is a big no. Children should also not be playing ‘beat the door’. Make them understand that transmitters and remote controls are not toys. 
  • Check the force setting of the garage door opener by pressing the button of the door when it closes. If the reverse function is not readily operating, there’s an excessive force that needs to be adjusted.

Some common garage door opener problems are: 

  • If the opener is raising the garage door but is failing to close it, there’s an issue with the safety sensor. It is either misaligned, faulty, or unplugged.
  • If the opener doesn’t have any issues but the door is still not opening then it could be because of a worn gear, or broken chain, or the disengagement of the door with the operator.
  • If you see that the door doesn’t open completely or reverses while closing, it is due to the wrong settings of the open limit or sensitivity.

Automatic garage door opener tips help in keeping your door opener well in the long run. However, you should always look up to a professional garage door repair service provider to have your opener and other hardware issues fixed thoroughly. Garage Door Repairs Houston is the place for you to get all your garage door problems inspected and solved effectively. To know more about our services and offerings, visit our website now!


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