Enhance your garage door durability with these tips

Old garage doors with proper maintenance.

15 to 30 years – that’s the average lifespan of a high-quality garage door provided it is properly maintained. Many garage doors last up to 15 years and many go beyond 30; the difference is nothing but the maintenance offered to them. At Garage Door Repairs Houston, we emphasize maintaining the garage doors with your best efforts as we know it’s a significant investment. If you are well-aware of the hardware of your garage door and how to maintain it, you can increase the lifespan of the garage door for more than 3 decades. Here are the how-to’s for maximizing their life.

Check for the weatherstripping

The weatherstripping of your garage door is located around its side. It helps in keeping away debris, mud, or moisture that enter your garage when the door is closed. Weatherstripping is made of vinyl, rubber, or PVC, which doesn’t last long and degrades gradually over time. For some time, it is manageable, however, significant degradation makes the garage door function improperly. This makes excessive outside moisture enter your garage door.

To prevent problems with weatherstripping and make it long-lasting, the materials must remain clean and frequently lubricated. Timely remove the debris which gets collected with a clean damp cloth. Don’t forget to use the cleanser to make your task easier. Pack the dry material with a thin layer of silicon-based lubricant so that it doesn’t crack or get dehydrated. Always lubricate your garage door’s weatherstripping every three months to get the best results.

Hardware servicing

Just as maintaining moving components enhances their longevity, bolstering up the working components does the same. Garage door springs, rollers, hinges, and tracks are the hardware parts that run optimally when substantially lubricated. Here’s your list of to-dos to keep them running:

  • Springs: Springs get easily attacked by dust and debris. Clean them regularly by applying a scant layer of the lubricant. Make sure you don’t apply in excessive amounts. Remove the extra lubricant with a lint-free cloth.
  • Hinges: Take a damp cloth to clean hinges. And when they are completely dried off, apply lubricant on them and the door joints.
  • Tracks and rollers: You have got to do the same thing with tracks and rollers too. Make sure that there’s no excessive amount of lubricant anywhere on any of the working components of your garage door.

Garage door balance testing

An unbalanced garage door gives you the most trouble as it is very dangerous for not only you but for your family too. An unbalanced garage door closes rapidly which ideally it shouldn’t, and therefore, it offers a huge safety risk. As the speed gets accelerated, it also strains several other mechanical parts that help in the operation of the garage door. This makes them wear before time. To not let this happen, here’s what you need to do:

  • Disconnect the garage door from the garage door opener after closing it.
  • Lift the door manually approximately 2 feet above the ground.
  • Step aside of the door to check whether it moves on its own.

If the door is properly balanced, it will not move from its position even when it is disconnected from the opener. Its weight will be fully supported by the springs. If it moves in one direction or another, it is due to the loose tension of one of the springs. Contact a professional garage door repair company immediately if you see your door out of balance.

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At Garage Door Repair Houston, we know that a top-notch garage door is the output of a huge investment. That is the reason we’re here to assist you with ideas for your garage door for their long durability. Our technicians are highly qualified, and we’re prepared to give our best to keep your garage door in amazing working condition. Regardless of whether you need a garage door repair or you’re hoping to redesign your current one, we’re here when you need us. To become familiar with our items and services, call us now!


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