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Commercial garage doors are the need of the hour for many industries and businesses. It directly relates to a business that requires the movement of heavy amounts of stock in and out of a loading dock. For the easy unloading of heavy vehicles, the docks must have an automatic garage door that can easily be managed by an opener whenever required. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss some of the different industries that have maximum use of commercial garage doors.

Difference between commercial and residential garage doors

The very common difference between commercial and residential garage doors is the way they are used. You may not use residential garage doors as frequently as the commercial ones. It is not throughout the day that you would take out your vehicle. Hence a residential door is used only once or twice a day. On the other side, the loading of vehicles is an all-day process when it’s a commercial business, hence the use of commercial doors would be naturally more. The frequency of use demands the hardware to be installed in the garage door. For the commercial, the use of a stronger opener, springs, and cables becomes paramount.

Here are the different industries/business that consider installing a commercial garage door:

  1. Mechanic/repair shops: A car repair shop is the most common place you’ll see a commercial garage door. A facility like this uses mostly sectional garage doors due to its low-budget feature. Repair shops generally opt for a sturdy commercial door or else they would have to bear the garage door repair costs more often. Sectional garage doors being easy and convenient for such business come with an insulation facility so that when the doors are closed space could be air-conditioned.
  2. Restaurants: Lately, many restaurants have opted for the concept of commercial sectional garage doors at the entrance. They choose glass panel doors and operate them as the weather outside demands. If it’s inclement outside that makes patrons suffer, they keep it closed and if it’s nice and pleasant the glass panels get open to allow some fresh air to come in.
  3. Manufacturing warehouses: Manufacturing companies have big warehouses to offload several raw goods and then take them again for shipping. To have this process performed, heavy equipment is used to lift them and take them to the shipping vehicle and vice-versa. It is best to use a commercial garage door at manufacturing warehouses that make loading-unloading easier.
  4. Retail stores: Similar to manufacturing warehouses, retail stores also use commercial garage doors for their storehouses to receive goods easily from the manufacturers. With automatic commercial doors, the movement of the items becomes painless. Retail stores generally use roll-up commercial garage doors at dock locations as they are more secure and easy to operate than sectional doors.
  5. Fire departments: The demand for commercial garage doors is necessary at fire departments as their vehicles need a quick exit in case of emergencies. Glass sectional garage doors can be selected in areas that need light.

Commercial garage door installation in Houston

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