Commercial Garage Door

Choosing the Right Commercial Garage Door is not Easy. We’ve Got You Covered.

Commercial Garage Doors offers a lot more than a mere pathway to people and vehicles. Garage Repair Door Houston, depending on your business, is meticulous about your needs and provides commercial garage doors in a wide array of sizes, colours, materials, and shapes.

Garage Door Repairs Houston are focused to serve an extensive class of customers. We aim to provide services not just to a single group or type of yeoman, but a vast set of firms. Commercial spaces include warehouses, workspaces, retails, corporate chambers, and many other commercial firms. We propose multiple kinds and varieties of doors and their designs to fully satisfy our range of customers. We’ll help you find the product which best fits your needs. If you are worried about the pricing, we assure you to relax as all our products are at affordable prices and competitive to the outside world. 

At Garage Door Repairs Houston, the technicians and workers are well equipped to solve and assist you in any possible regarding the products. Our professionals are thoroughly trained and have their background checked to provide you the best experience.

Commercial Garage Doors

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Here are the various types of commercial garage doors available at Garage Door Repair to be installed as per the requisites of your business.

Overhead doors

Such doors are lifted through a track or rail until they are horizontally aligned with the ceiling. Operated either manually or with a motor, overhead garage doors are available in different materials ranging from wood to glass to aluminium to metal.

Roll-up doors

They are named such, as they roll up into one coil when lifted up. They are much thinner than the counterpart – overhead, but allow much flexibility. They are chosen in situations when overhead rails have no space to be accommodated or if they are getting in the way.

Fire rated doors

These doors are very much similar to the roll-up doors with one big difference being the protection they offer. The former is more secure than the most common roll-up doors. They are installed with auto-closing feature, which makes the door to be automatically closed in case of fire detection.

Scissor gates

These are uniquely-designed gates with a sliding door-like mechanism moving left to right. Impenetrable steel material is used to give them a sturdy build, which gives ultimate protection. If in your business, you plan to have an outside entry gate, give it a go with a scissor gate garage door.

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