Check Out Some Smart Ways To Secure Your Garage Door

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Overhead garage doors could be the weakest entry points in your home for intruders. For many homeowners, garage door security takes a backseat as their focus relies on installing strong front doors. Eventually, they call a professional garage door repair company after encountering any mishaps. These smart and simple tips will help you to protect your garage door from burglars and most importantly, give you peace of mind.

  1. Add a layer of frost film to the windows: What gives a perfect look to the garage door are the windows. They also let in the sunlight. However, garage door windows are vulnerable to potential thieves as they peer in to see if any cars are there. If not, it’s a good sign indicating no one’s home. A frosted film when added to the windows may stop a prompt attempt to get in.
  2. A smart garage door opener is a bingo: Another added security tool could be garage door openers that can lock the door when it’s down. With a smart garage door opener, you can monitor the garage door activity and an alert pops up to your smartphone if someone tries to open the door. 
  3. The garage door opener should not be left in the car: Burglars are vicious to look into your glovebox or to the sun visor of your car. Therefore, try not keeping the garage door opener’s remote in your car. Either stow it with the rest of your keys in your home or keep it in your coat or purse pocket.
  4. Motion-detecting flood lights enhance safety: Late night is the favorite and ideal time for most of the thieves to get their job done. Under the sheet of darkness, the task becomes easier for them. Motion-detecting flood lights give a sudden burst of light to make them run back. They are easiest to install as they do not require any electrical wiring.
  5. Opt for a garage door lock: Keeping a garage door lock is a wise choice if you’re having a garage door that opens manually. 
  6. Install security cameras: One of the effective deterrents to the potential burglars are the security cameras that record the physical features along with the clothes. Be it a car that pulls into a driveway or someone’s footfall, a motion-activated camera does its job quite well.
  7. The connecting door should be locked: Many homeowners keep the garage door connectivity to their home. However, this could be a major win to the burglars as they could easily get into your home if they gain access to the garage door. Do not forget to lock the connecting door and if possible, try to install a steel door with deadbolt security.
  8. Have a check at your landscaping: It’s not always under the cover of the night that burglars take the advantage of. Prowling around the garage door in a broad daylight is their cunning job as well. Do not have large trees in front of the door which gains them easier access to the garage door.

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