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Springs need to be replaced quite often, depending on their use. Broken or bent spring is one of the most frequent services requested. Although perceived to be a small task, if done incorrectly, could be very dangerous. Therefore, we recommend you to contact garage door repairs Houston and we will send you an expert who will identify the type of springs needed for your garage door and get it repaired instantly.

The garage door system functions uninterrupted when springs are placed right. However, they don’t age beautifully. The door is used regularly which makes springs suffer, and endure heavy pressure that is caused by friction. The result is a lot of wear and tear. Minor damage is fixable, it’s the serious spoilage that makes the springs to be replaced. Hence, the garage door spring repair or replacement depends on the intensity of the damage.

Two main spring systems that are majorly used:

  • Torsion Springs
  • Extension Springs

Our Garage Door Repair Houston team knows the inside out of both the systems and offers quality spring service.

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Garage Door Springs

Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

Sometimes, it’s vivid that due to springs that garage doors break. A broken spring could be a rare occasion or a gradual cycle happening over time and again. But what are the possible reasons that make garage door springs break?

Rust:Since garage door springs are metal made, being susceptible to rust is apparent. Rust development on springs cut their life short.

Bad Maintenance:Garage door springs don’t consume much of your time when it comes to maintenance, however, they should also not be taken for granted entirely.

Regular Wear and Tear:

As the garage door gets opened and shut all the time, it directly hits springs. Many springs can endure opening and shutting for a good number of years, many don’t. 

We, at Garage Door Repairs Houston have had years of experience to get the spring job done rightly, timely, and efficiently. 

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