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Springs and cables need to be replaced quite often, depending on their use. Broken or bent spring is one of the most frequent services requested. Although perceived to be a small task, if done incorrectly, could be very dangerous. Therefore, we recommend you contact us, the garage door repairs Houston and we will send you an expert who will identify what type and length of cable are needed for your garage door and get it repaired immediately.

One of the underrated elements in garage doors is the cables. The weight of the door, be it in a resting or moving position is balanced by the cable system. We understand where this prominent equipment piece stands at the garage door operation. When it comes to garage door cable repair solutions, rely on us for trouble-free service. We repair with genuine parts and make sure to lubricate the cable for their longer life. Get the best advice from our experts on how to maintain the cables and enhance their longevity.

Garage Door Cable Issues? Here’s what goes wrong

  • Incorrect winding of the cable around the drum
  • Unwinding of the cables
  • Pulleys wear out
  • Wear and tear of cables over time
  • Fraying of cables

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Let Us Fix Your Garage Door Cables

One cable failure can add stress to others, and eventually make them suffer. We know how troublesome it is to operate a garage door with broken cables. Why deal with the fuss when we are here?

We offer long-term warranties, durable products, reliable services, and budget-friendly prices. Garage Door Repairs Houston have technicians that are industry experts in fixing and replacing broken garage door cables

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